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CE006: An Overview of Clinical Documentation
CE006: An Overview of Clinical Documentation


Included are the ACA and WCA recommendations for documentation, a chart audit, a list of "Yellow Flags" to communicate barriers to recovery, a list of commonly used CPT Codes, and a bibliography.
Price: $20.00

CE010: Chronic Pain Syndrome
These notes cover evidence-based practice strategies, OA tools, objective tools that include the cervical and LB non-organic signs, research abstracts (including CNS sensitization), whiplash, spinal stenosis, and other topics.
Price: $40.00

CE011: Outcomes Assessment - An Evidence based Practice Approach
Details the three necessary steps to become "evidence-based", what OA Tools are available, when to apply them, and a desciption of the subjective and objective outcomes tools. Examples of Assessment, Plan, and Patient Profiling/Yellow Flags are included.
Price: $40.00

CE012: Clinical Application of Outcomes in the Management of Neck Pain
Subjective and objective outcomes tools utilized in the management of paitients with neck pain are reviewed in these notes. New QFCE-C spine tests are included (Ravel's laser light test, Louden's CROM proprio test, Jull's strength test, the C-non-organic signs, and more.)
Price: $30.00

CE013: CTS Article Review
This is a compilation of articles including a chiropractic case management approach -- excellent for sharing with insurers. The articles are categorized by outcome, diagnosis, epidemiology, and side effects. A CTS study Dr. Yeomans was involved in is included.
Price: $20.00


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